Voluntary certification of dietary supplements. 

Suppose you are a bona fide manufacturer / seller of dietary supplements (of course, duly registered by the state). You are confident in the quality and efficiency of your products and would like to advise one way or another about this consumer. But the state is strong enough limits you in such initiatives, as consumers should in no way be misled and for example do not have to think about that some dietary supplements can replace the drug and be just as effective.

But if you still absolutely certain of its products - there is a voluntary certification of dietary supplements in the independent certification system.

After a series of studies and passing the certification procedure - you can legally inform consumers about the results of your products. But we want to draw your attention that if voluntary certification of dietary supplements will be performed by us - it will be expensive and time, as we are not affiliated with rogues have made real clinical trials, the real laboratory and others. Study.