Working out and registration of the technical regulations (TR)

What is the technical regulations on production?

The technical regulations on production is the document in which there is a complete list of requests to quality and safety of production, to conditions of its production contains, to storage and transportation. The technical regulations have been developed on a specific kind of production, or on homogeneous group of production. The technical regulations on production which has no own state standard (GOST) or if its production takes place on other technology is often developed. Any accredited organ of certification would not issue the certificate and register the declaration on conformity on production if the Russian manufacturer has not GOST, OST or TR. The requests established in TR, should be corresponded to technical regulations of the Custom union, requests of other standard acts of law active in territory of Russia, state standards, sanitarian and veterinary rules and norms. For consumers of production the technical regulations is the document on which basis it is possible to check up conformity of quality of production to the established requests and on the basis of results of check to make the conclusion about fulfilment by the supplier of the goods of the direct obligations concerning quality. Requests of the confirmed commercial specification are obligatory for individual businessmen and the legal persons who are carrying out activity on manufacturing and a turn-over of concrete articles of food. 

Working out and registration TR.

GOST 2.114-95 "Uniform system of the design documentation. The technical regulations" and GOST Р 51740 "The technical regulations on alimentary product. General requirements of working out and registration of TR" regulate the content and structure of such document by working out. According to these GOSTs, TR should contain following sections: 

  • The prologue.

  • Specifications (the basic properties of production, a request to raw materials and stuffs, marks, packing).

  • Norms of safety. All questions, concerning safety of production.

  • Acceptance procedures.

  • Quality monitoring.

  • transportation and storage conditions.

  • Manufacturer's warranties.


The List of documents which are necessary for working out of TR:

  • the organisation Name;

  • the Legal address;

  • raw materials contents from which production is made;

  • NCEO code of the manufacturer;Technical characteristics;

  • Methods of packing, the instruction or the documents enclosed in packing;

  • Shelf lifes;Application and storage conditions;the item namethe Short description of engineering procedure.


The list of documents can vary, depending on production kind.

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